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Wedding Entertainment Question and Answers

Wedding Entertainment Question and Answers

Here at Tribute Acts Management we know there are many important questions to ask when choosing your wedding entertainment supplier. Below is our responses to some of the most frequently asked questions

Q. How do I choose right act for my wedding?

A. You will find 100s of the very best acts all on our website. On each acts page you can watch videos, read previous testimonials, listen to sound clips and look at example set list to really help you in your search for the perfect live entertainment for your wedding. Many would agree that this is one of the most important things to get right at your wedding – and that’s why we have made sure our website is very easy to navigate and full of as much useful information as possible.

Q. How secure is my booking if I book through Tribute Acts Management?

A. Tribute Acts Management have over 15 years in the business and our the acts, office staff and production teams combined experience is far longer than that. You can have the peace of mind that you are dealing with a professional company that will make sure they do everything they can to not let you down. We supply live entertainment to thousands and thousands of events, functions, venues and weddings up and down the country and even abroad! We only work with the very best in the industry and the contracts are legally binding and cannot be cancelled except in the case of a fatality, illness, force majeure, war, act of god etc. Full terms will appear on the contract and you have 7 days to read through all these before committing to the booking.

Q. Can I choose the set list?

A. All our acts have been working in the business for years and have specially crafted their show and set list based on what works the best in front of a live audience. Therefore it is always most recommended that you allow the band to stick to what they know best – however, all our bands have no problems taking requests, singing first dances live and re-gigging set list to suit you and your guests. It’s your day after all! We would just suggest that based on experience, the less that the acts show is adjusted, the better it will be. Often bride and grooms have requested a long list of songs that are special to them… but when it comes to the performance, half way through the set the groom is called outside to catch up with old friends, the bride is grabbed over by the bar to be bought a drink, and the band are left playing your special songs to an audience that would much rather hear the bigger hits.

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Q. Can I speak to an experienced entertainment advisor who can help me further in choosing my wedding entertainment?

A. Of course you can do! Our office is open Monday – Friday, 9am – 6.00pm. An experienced member of our booking team will be more than happy to help. All our team have years of experience in the performance industry so you can always be sure to trust they really are experts in the field.

Q. I would like to see the artiste perform live before I proceed and book

A. As much as we can give sound advice, we totally understand that ultimately everything comes down to your personal taste and we do recommend it’s always a very good idea to go and see the act live – as you can’t get a better idea than seeing them up close and personal! Seeing the audiences reaction is often the most valuable thing! However, please be aware this may not always be possible. Obviously it depends on how far you are willing to travel as they may not always be performing local to you for months- and realistically we can only provisionally hold a date on one of our artistes for a few days.


Drifters Tribute

Drifters Tribute

Q. Why book with an agency and not direct with the artiste?

A. Firstly, we’re not just an agency – we’re a management to over 100 of our acts. That means with the main majority of the acts on our website you’re coming completely direct with them as we cast the shows, create the shows and look after their diary. That is why we’re unique to most other companies out there and this allows you the booked the extra reassurance that you’re dealing with a well established and professional entertainment company. We also represent 100’s of other acts too and there are so many beneficial reasons to secure your wedding entertainment through Tribute Acts Management. A common misconception is that artistes are cheaper when  booking direct! As we provide our artistes with a large number of bookings throughout the year and they trust is this means we have that all important “booking power” in which we can usually negotiate a cheaper deal with the acts.

The other security you have when booking an act through our company, is if an act was ever to be seriously ill and not be able to make the event, we have 100s of other acts we can quickly be in touch with and sort a strong replacement meaning your event can go ahead smoothly. This may be much harder to sort yourself if you book an act directly who lets you down!

Q. Do I have to pay a deposit?

A. In order to secure your booking, we will require a small deposit (usually around 20% of the total fee). This deposit is none refundable. However, If the artiste cancels due to illness/accident/fatality we will seek to offer a suitable, replacement artiste (s). If you decide not to accept the replacement(s) offered then we will refund your deposit paid.

Q. What Payment methods do you accept?

A. We accept cheques, postal orders, BACS payments and direct payments into our business account.

We hope you’ve found this blog useful and if you are interested in booking any of our acts or would like to speak to a member of our team please feel free to contact us on 0845 094 2569 or email info@tributeactsmanagement.com

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