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Top 5 Lookalikes

Top 5 Lookalikes

Here at Tribute Acts Management we’re very proud to represent some of the counties very best lookalikes available for all events in the UK and abroad! Our lookalikes have been surprise guests for many years at weddings, birthday parties, corporate events, television shows and much more.

To help you book the best entertainment for your next event, we’ve created a list of the top 5 most popular (and accurate) lookalikes in the business!

5. Marilyn Monroe Lookalike 

Suzie is the perfect lookalike for weddings and events wanting to recreate that extra touch of 1940’s glamour. She’s a dead ringer!

Marilyn Monroe Lookalike

4. Robbie Williams Lookalike

Entertaining audiences worldwide for almost 15 years, our Robbie Williams lookalike and tribute act is the closest you will find. As well as the looks, he has the mannerisms, the moves, the voice and even the cheeky chappy charm. This is without doubt the closest thing to the real Robbie!

3. Ricky Gervais Lookalike

The star of the recent Channel 4 pilot “Lookalikes”, Tim has mastered the moves, the voice and the mannerisms of the real Ricky Gervais/ David Brent. He has met the real Ricky who when talking about how close of a lookalike Tim is, Ricky simply said “he’s the best!”.

Ricky Gervais Lookalike

2. Ed Sheeran Lookalike 

Who is who? The real Ed Sheeran actually saw a photo of our fabulous lookalike at a party and actually thought it was himself! He couldn’t remember being there and was confused as to when it was! If that doesn’t make him a good lookalike nothing else will!

ed sheeran lookalike

1. Michael Jackson Lookalike

Here in the Tribute Acts Management office we keep looking at his footage and videos and still cannot believe this isn’t the real Michael Jackson – incredible!

Michael Jackson Lookalike

Don’t forget if you’d like to book any of our tribute acts or lookalike’s please don’t hesitate to get in touch! Call us on 0845 094 2569 or email info@tributeactsmanagement.com!

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