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Robbie Williams Tribute Act Meets Robbie Williams!

Robbie Williams Tribute Act Meets Robbie Williams!

Our fantastic Robbie Williams tribute act was lucky enough to have the honor of performing his biggest gig to date – The Leeds First Direct Arena!! With an audience of 12, 500 people including the real Robbie himself it’s clear to see our amazing tribute act was never going to forget this experience!

Our tribute act was delighted to be invited to sing by Robbie himself! While performing his show, Robbie looked over to ‘Mike as Robbie’ and mouthed ‘can you sing the high bit?’ to him before walking over and handing the mic over to him. Our excellent Mike as Robbie was then allowed to show off just how much like the real thing he does sound as he sang to the 12, 500 strong crowd! What an honour indeed!

Robbie Williams tribute act

It’s safe to say Robbie was very impressed as he told the audience after Mike finished singing that he sang the song “a little bit better than me!” and that because of this Robbie was “not going to ask you to do that again!”.

This isn’t the first time our Robbie has spoke to the real thing. Their friendship began when our tribute artist began playing on Robbie’s online Poker game. Unbelievably the real Robbie keeps a close eye on the website and does actually play himself and Mike soon found himself playing and indeed speaking with Robbie!

They ended up playing Poker online and engaging in chats on a regular basis. They would often talk about set lists, favorite songs to perform and costumes they both wore! Robbie was very complimentary to Mike after seeing videos and pictures of him performing and joked “I don’t know where he starts and I end!”

Soon the time came for Mike and Robbie to meet face to face. At last years ‘Soccer Aid’, the number one Robbie Williams tribute finally got the opportunity to give his idol a big hug and shake his hand. They had a brief chat and it would appear the two had been mates for years.

Robbie Williams

Once again at this years Soccer Aid just last week Mike was in the crowd watching the match and when Robbie spotted him he came running over and gave him another big “man hug” before boasting “we raised 4 million pounds!”. Robbie was ecstatic and was delighted to share the news with him new found friend!

Of course this week things went to another level when the Robbie Williams tribute act from Rhyl was given the opportunity of a life time – the moment that most tribute acts dream of – to share the microphone with the man himself!

Our Robbie Williams tribute act has been performing for over 10 years and has played to thousands of audiences. He has performed at many festivals, theatres and events up and down the UK and has even appeared on ITV1 with his Robbie tribute show. He has always given complete dedication to the role and continues to “wow” audiences wherever he performs! Mike is a true professional and a real credit to the tribute act business.

Our tribute act Mike was also recently lucky enough to meet and perform with Robbie’s dad – Pete Conway! They performed on stage together at an event called ‘RW Fanfest’ that was set up for fans to celebrate Robbie’s 40th birthday!

On performing with Robbie’s dad Mike said “People asked me was I nervous about playing in front of Robbie’s dad and you know what? I honestly wasn’t. Not because I’m a big-head or anything, but because Pete is the kind of guy who makes you feel at ease. Much the same as when I met Robbie.”

Robbie tribute with Robs dad Pete Conway


Mike was very overwhelmed to be given the opportunity to sing for the real Robbie as he took to facebook to share his thoughts on the experience. “Okay folks time for a reflection now it’s actually sunk in what mr williams did last night…well both mr williams….firstly mr williams senior came down into the inner pit to say hello and to have a look at my ” I luv Pete Conway tshirt ”

“Secondly mr williams jnr actually passing me his mic so I could sing with him….the only thing I can say to describe my feelings at the time was numb…but now I feel enormous pride and total appreciation of what I have achieved and am sooo sooo grateful of robbies support and also Pete conways support and also the support of robbies fans….I am overwhelmed with the messages I have recieved after this……thank you all xxx”

See the moment our tribute act came very close to being the real deal here below!

Well done Mike for such an amazing achievement! You can book this fantastic act for your event and ask him personally about his experiences with Robbie! Call 0845 094 2569 / 01274 675943 or email info@tributeactsmanagement.com today to enquire about him!

To listen to sound clips, watch a video and read more, see our acts full page by clicking here: http://tributeactsmanagement.com/mike-as-robbie-wiliams/

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