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In every fandom there’s always some form of excitement and happiness, however for some fandoms there’s also sadness! From cancelled tour dates to tracks and albums missing out on that elusive number one spot in the charts there’s always something going on. However nothing quite shakes the world of a fan like when a band member leaves!


This isn’t a new situation, but it is the one that the unsuspecting One Direction fans have found themselves in. Last week it was announced that Zayn Malik would not be returning to the band after taking some leave due to stress. We understand the heartache they’re going through, but we do have a slight consolation for the fans, our One Direction tribute band, ‘One Direction Experience’ will be staying a 5 piece!


After the massive news our very own ‘Zayn Malik’ played by 25 year old Sam Stanley spoke to Heat magazine about his future in the band!


“When the news broke yesterday, I spoke to my manager. We will stay together as the original line up. I haven’t been sacked yet… I don’t think I will because with the act we will always have their songs early on in the show, so they would have to have me there for that anyway.”


So we’ve established that our ‘Zayn’ is safe, but what does he feel that the real Zayn Malik brings to the band, “I think vocally Zayn gives so much to the band, I know his tracks inside out because I have to sing them and he does all the really high notes and all the riffs. He’s the power voice behind them along with Harry, so I’ll be interested to find out how they get on, how their music will change and how it will be there without him.” – We couldn’t agree more Sam!


Our One Direction tribute act has all the talent of the original band and have studied countless hours of footage to ensure they’re as close as possible to the original band! We’re proud of our band and know you’ll not find better anywhere else!


How would our ‘Zayn’ feel if the real deal went off and embarked on a solo career? “if he goes off and does some music on his own that would be great, I could have my own show.” We’ll keep our fingers crossed Sam, we think you’d be fantastic! Until then though you can catch Sam and the other boys in their amazing tribute band ‘One Direction Experience’!


If you’d like to book our One Direction tribute band, or if you’d just like more information we’re always happy to help, drop us a call on 0845 094 2569 or send us an email to info@tributeactsmanagement.com!

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