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National Tribute Awards 2017 – Winners!

It’s back!!

The National Tribute Music Awards 2017 have announced the winners and will be holding the ceremony on Wednesday 5th July 2017 and we’re all excited to attend at Tribute Acts Management.

The Awards are given in recognition of the enormous contribution Tribute Acts make to the entertainment industry in both economic and artistic value.

We are pleased to announce that some of our managed and represented acts are official winners of this years prestigious award! Here are just some of the winners:

Rule The World (Take That)

‘Rule The World’ have been recognised as the Number 1 Take That tribute act in the world. They recently appeared alongside Nicole Kidman, Hugh Bonneville, Julie Walters and THE REAL TAKE THAT on BBC1’s ‘The Graham Norton Show’. After hearing Dan Maines speak, a stunned Gary Barlow said in amazement “He sounds like me!”. Gary then also praised the band saying “These guys are good!”. See here: https://tributeactsmanagement.com/artists/rule-the-world-take-that-tribute-band/

ABBA Revival (ABBA)

This award winning ABBA Tribute Band ‘Revival’ have recently been voted as the UK’s Official No.1 ABBA tribute act by the Agent’s Association of Great Britain. This renowned ABBA stage show has proved a hit time and time again in the UK and the world over, wowing audiences from Europe to the Middle East and just recently the band has been invited to perform a 5 day tour in ABBA’s homeland of Sweden. See here: https://tributeactsmanagement.com/artists/abba-revival/

Kelly O’Brien as Dolly (Dolly Parton)

Kelly O’Brien as Dolly Parton” brilliantly captures the voice, verve and voluptuousness of the little lady from Tennessee. Dolly Parton’s greatest hits combine with flawless comic timing in this brilliant show – Europe’s top Dolly Parton tribute act. Kelly now travels the world as Dolly. She has sung at the Singapore Grand Prix, Australia Country Music Festival, Monte Carlo Casino and even for Michael Buble. Last year she was also used as a Dolly Parton look alike in a Glastonbury television campaign. See here: https://tributeactsmanagement.com/artists/kelly-obrian/

Adele By Natalie Anne (Adele)

With a wealth of performance experience, Natalie Anne Black is The One and Only Adele, winner of the 2016 and 2017 National Tribute Award for Best Adele. Our Adele tribute act has been performing professionally at various events, parties and functions throughout the UK and even further afield. Natalie Anne as Adele is into her 3rd successful year and is taking the tribute act industry by storm, fast becoming recognised as the UK’s leading choice when it comes to booking an Adele tribute act.

Laura as Amy Winehouse (Amy Winehouse)

Laura was just born to be an Amy Winehouse Tribute! Laura’s ‘My Winehouse’ show is quite simply the most authentic and best Amy Winehouse Tribute available today. Laura captures all that was great about Amy’s style, attitude, quirky look and deep raspy soulful voice. She too sounds like a New York black singer, but just like Amy, Laura is a cheeky London born girl and without fail entertains and makes people believe they really have had a great night with Amy Winehouse and they always leave wanting more. See here: https://tributeactsmanagement.com/artists/laura-amy-winehouse/

Tania as Cher

Our amazing Cher tribute act “Tania As Cher” has been performing and perfecting her highly acclaimed tribute to the iconic superstar Cher since 1997. Her act is well known throughout world of entertainment as one of the best soundalikes to the one and only Cher. Tania’s ability to portray such an accurate tribute has gained her international notoriety and the paved the way for performances at numerous high profile events. See here: https://tributeactsmanagement.com/artists/tania-as-cher/



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