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Interview with our Robbie Williams Tribute Act

Interview with our Robbie Williams Tribute Act

This week our team caught up with our incredible Robbie Williams tribute act and lookalike Tony for a quick interview! He’s toured the planet for almost 15 years and is one of the most successful and busiest tribute act in the business!

What made you decide to become a tribute act?

If I’m totally honest then it was a total fluke! I was on our annual football trip to Blackpool and a few of the lads thought it would be a good idea to get me up on the karaoke. They knew I liked to blast a bit of Robbie out and a few people had said I looked like him. Unbeknown to me the karaoke was actually a competition that I ended up winning! An agent spotted me and the rest as they say is history! The host that day Joey Blower has remained one of my closest friends and is always there to advise me in different aspects of my life! Suppose the more romantic side of me would call it destiny or fate! Whatever it was it helped shaped my life forever!

Were you a fan of the act before you became a tribute to them?

I was a huge Robbie Williams fan and have been to watch every tour he’s done. I couldn’t help but be drawn to his character, that cheeky chappie, showing off and having that interaction with the crowd! That along with his music made me a fan from the start!

Why should people see a tribute act when they can see the real thing?

I don’t think that everyone can see the real thing! Restrictions such as finances, travel, schedule and capacity can easily limit a fan’s ability to follow their idols! Either way, a tribute act brings a totally different aspect to showbusiness! Let’s get it right, there’s only one Robbie Williams but I’d like to think I portray a different angle to a RW gig. It is indeed cheaper to watch me but it also gives the audience a chance to get closer to the show. Whether it be me, Robbie Williams or anybody else lucky enough to be blessed in this business, entertainment will always be just that, regardless of the level!

Robbie Tribute act meets the real Robbie Williams

Robbie Tribute act meets the real Robbie Williams

What is your favorite song to perform and why?

I could never choose just one song! Different moods give you different emotions and song choice! I love coming on to Let Me Entertain You and I’ll often listen to a live version in the gym to help me through that final mile or rep! My favourite Robbie Williams song is Come Undone but I always feel like I need my live band behind it to do it justice! Whichever song I’m singing, I’m so lucky because I never get bored of performing them! If I wasn’t so busy singing them then I’d be listening to them on my iPod!

What has been your favorite gig so far and why?

Like the song question, there’s no one single standout gig, more like a combination of different performances! I once did three gigs in one day in Holland and wondered how I was gonna get through the final show! As I walked out on stage, 15000 Dutch people went crazy and it was one of the best feelings ever! I’ve sang on the top deck of one of the biggest cruise liners in the middle of the Caribbean under the moon and the stars and stuff like that really blows your mind! Ultimately, having a live band will always take things up a notch and when I did a swing gig with my 18 piece orchestra there were moments when I was close to tears (happy ones) with them backing me.

Any funny stories?

Too many to mention. The lookalike gigs are always the most bizarre because you can cause scenarios that are so bizarre! I was once sat on David Beckham’s knee whilst George Michael gave us a lap dance and Sharon Stone sat un crossing her legs in the corner and Jack Nicholson drinking red wine splitting his sides with laughter…..and all the time Freddie Mercury was filming it!

Why do you think you’re one of the most successful acts?

I think because I was, and still am a huge Robbie Williams fan, I always want to do justice to him. I’m also someone who sacrifices my own personal needs onstage for those of the crowd, doing things that they want to do rather than me singing a full set of album tracks. That would work for some of the hardcore fans but you’ve got to appeal to the masses, even the non Robbie fans (yes they do exist) who come along to support a venue, function or event! I suppose with Robbie he ticks lots of boxes and is a great entertainment package! I can sing, move and am told that I look like him so whilst RW is the man, I’m a pretty close, (albeit budget) close second!

robbie williams tribute act tony

robbie williams tribute act tony

Any big gigs coming up?

The future is looking varied but busy which is always going to be the important thing. I’m going back to Helsinki in February for a five week residency in the casino there, again with an amazing five piece band! Also, I’ve recently been cast to appear in Channel 4’s new comedy ‘Lookalikes’ after a successful pilot episode was commissioned. I’m a regular at Thomson’s Sensatori hotels so will hopefully continue to entertain the holidaymakers throughout Europe as well!

Why should people book you?

I hope that I appeal to a huge demographic of people! Wether it be Robbie’s old stuff, new stuff, swing stuff or the Take That influence, there really is something for everyone. 14 years on from that chance karaoke appearance, I’m as busy as ever so I’d like to think that I’m doing something right.

And if you’d like to book our incredible Robbie Williams tribute act please don’t hesitate to get in touch! Give us a call on 0845 094 2569 or email us on info@tributeactsmanagement.com.

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