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Interview with Olly Murs Tribute Act

Interview with Olly Murs Tribute Act 

This week our team caught up with our fabulous Olly Murs tribute act David for a quick interview! He’s been performing professionally now for two years and has gone from strength to strength and is now one of the most popular and successful tribute acts around!

So David, how did you actually get into being a tribute?

I have always been fascinated with the a tribute industry. So being offered the opportunity to join part of Tribute Acts Management was a huge oppurtunity I had to take.

What made you decide to become a tribute?

I was already mutual friends with people in the company. And was interested in working with them. I was originally offered the opportunity to work in a One Direction tribute band and went to the audition and was offered a place on the team. After a while working with them I then started the Olly Murs tribute. I was told I naturally sound like him so thought it was worth looking into giving it my best shot.

Were you a fan of the act before you became a tribute to them?

Honestly? Not really. It wasn’t till I was told I sound exactly like Olly that I started to listen to him and he completely grew on me. I honestly enjoy his music and his character is something I can relate to too. A natural cheeky confident personality is something I can relate to which I feel gave me brownie points. I believe he’s become so successful and is brilliant at what he does.

Why should people see a tribute instead of the real thing?

There is something special that a tribute brings than the actual artist. It gives people the chance to feel much closer to the person the act is impersonating. It is an amazing experience and sometimes you will stand there and watch and be blown away at how someone can become somebody completely different. It really is fascinating and especially for any tribute wannabe. It shows you that hard work and dedication rewards you with the most amazing opportunities.

Olly Murs tribute gig


What is your favourite song to perform?

Honestly there are more than one. But it all depends on the reasons. In terms of vocal representation I feel Dear Darlin. It is definatley the proudest vocal I’ve done and the closest. Right place right time sums up everything.

Do you have a Favourite gig?

I have too many! I love nothing more than singing with my best friends that I have made through this company (Arron/Tom/Kirk). Every gig singing on stage with them I’m grateful for. My absolute favourite gig was travelling to Barcelona Last year for a wedding. One of the biggest experiences that I am so grateful for. Travelling to a country to do a show and then come back the following day. Makes you feel like your living the life of who you impersonate!!


Any funny stories you can tell?

Apart from my hair falling out from too much hair dye? Too many! When your work colleagues are you best friends then every day is full of funny events!

Why do you think you’ve become such a successful act?

Simple answer: determination and dedication. You can never stop building yourself. And I always see room for improvement. But I make it known on stage I mean business and I work my hardest to do a great job. I give you what you come to see but I especially give you what you want to hear. Olly Murs.

Why should people book you?

I make sure any venue/event that book me know what they are letting themselves in for. Someone who means business and makes you think your watching the real thing! Not forgetting the tight trousers!

Olly Murs tribute

And if you would like to book our fabulous Olly Murs tribute act then please don’t hesitate to get in touch! Call us on 0845 094 2569 or email info@tributeactsmanagement.com


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