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10 Things to know for your wedding’s Surprise Singing Waiters!

10 Things to know for your wedding’s Surprise Singing Waiters!

We caught up with our Surprise Singing Waiter Danny Lawton to question him on what we can expect from the Surprise Singing Waiters as well finding out about some of his experiences and memories from his time being a Singing Waiter.

1. How does your show compere to other Singing Waiters?

I think there’s too very different styles with Singing Waiters shows. The first is to go down the classically trained operatic route where theres a huge “wow” factor of how powerful their voice is. The second is the general pop covers. I think, although we have the people who can do the classic singing, the most popular and fun show is ours because it’s about performing the most well known songs that you would hear at a disco anyway! “Build Me Up Buttercup”, “Sweet Caroline” and “Don’t Stop Me Now” are just classics that you know the guests are going to know and love.  Being a pop covers show it allows the audience to be involved a lot more and I think it appeals to a wider range of people which is vital when performing at wedding’s! Sometime’s the opera thing can be a bit too “out there” for some people and although they appreciate the talent for the first song or too… it doesn’t really keep them interested and get them into the party spirit. Our show does! It’s all about the guests getting on the dance floor!

2. What is your favourite song to sing and why?

There’s so many brilliant songs we sing in the Singing Waiters show. Our show has been designed to make people have a good time and enjoy themselves. The idea is to involve everyone and get them singing along and standing up dancing with us. I think one of my favourite’s has to be “Love Train” because we literally get all the guests to dance around the room singing along and it’s such good fun.

3. What is your favourite thing about being a Singing Waiter?

The Unknown! It’s so unpredictable how your audience are going to react! I love things like that when it’s spontaneous! I also love the response we get at the end of the night. To look across at everybody stood up dancing and singing along is brilliant! You get a real sense of pride from this job!

4. What is some of the best feedback you’ve had from guests?

The best feedback you could ever have as a singing waiters is when the bride and groom turn around and say you’ve made their wedding! We regularly get comments from many people saying it was the highlight of the day but it’s particularly special when it comes from the bride and groom!

5. How do people react to the Singing Waiters?

Every gig is completely different but one that stands out is when we did a wedding in Sheffield. As we revealed ourselves to be the act for the night we could see the expression on one elderly lady’s face completely change. She immediately cupped her hand over her mouth in shock.. dropping her full glass of wine that came crashing down!

6. What is the best venue you’ve performed at?

Hampton Court House. The room was just so posh and it was amazing. That was definitely up there with the best!

7. What is your favourite disguise you’ve had to wear?

We’ve done a couple of singing waiter gigs as firefighters trying to get people to evacuate the building before bursting into Take That’s ‘Relight My Fire’. That’s always a fun one. You feel a real sense of authority putting on the outfit. And the police uniform. That’s great too. We do sometimes worry though that as we reveal ourselves to be the entertainment they may mistake us for being strippers! It’s all good fun!

8. How far do you travel with The Surprise Singing Waiters show?

We are fortunate to have singers based up and down the country so where we can we try to be allocated on gigs as local as possible! However, it isn’t always possible! We travel the length and breadth of the UK, from Aberdeen and Inverness down to London, Southampton and Devon. It’s all part of the fun though! We do love getting to travel and see lot’s of different beautiful venues! We also travel abroad and have been fortunate enough to perform The Surprise Singing Waiters show in Dubai, Barcelona and France!

9. How long do you perform for?

We can tailor make our set for the client really. As it’s quite a novelty act, many people like to just book the show for a couple of numbers. They like the comical scenario as a bit of a gimmick to add to their night. However, others also book the singing waiters as their full nights entertainment. We can perform a set of 35 minutes of split into two spots or an hour straight through. We have plenty of options!

10. And to finish, have you had any embarrassing moments while being a Singing Waiters?

Haha! Too many! Shirts torn by drunken woman, knickers thrown! You name it we’ve seen it! But we love it as it all adds to the humour and fun!

Answered a few more question’s on what The Surprise Singing Waiters have to offer? Interested in booking The Surprise Singing Waiters for your own event? Don’t hesitate to call! You can call us on 0845 094 2569 / 01274 675943 or email info@tributeactsmanagement.com to speak to our professional and dedicated to staff. Feel free to ask any question’s and we’ll be happy to help! Book The Surprise Singing Waiters now and watch your event come to life!

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